Saturday, April 30, 2011

Seahawks' Complete 2011 Draft Class

Ladies and gentlemen, your newest Seattle Seahawks.

Seahawks 2011 Draft
125James CarpenterRTAlabama6'4"32167
375John MoffitRGWisconsin6'4"31462
499K.J. WrightOLBMississippi State6'3"24550
4107Kris DurhamWRGeorgia6'5"21684
5154Richard ShermanCBStanford6'3"19542
5156Mark LegreeFSAppalachian State6'0"21025
6173Byron MaxwellCBClemson6'0"20241
7205Lazarius LevingstonDELSU6'4"29296
7242Malcolm SmithOLBUSC6'1"22553

* - Thought I would guess everyone's jersey numbers. Bold indicates a confirmed jersey number per; the rest are my own wild guesses, pending comeuppance.


  1. Not to put too fine a point on it: this draft appears on paper to be the worst draft in the history of the NFL.

    No need to worry though, Schinde will have them all churned out of the system by November.

  2. Annonymous (he's talking to you):

    Carroll: “We think we have found guys that we’re looking for. And we really don’t care what anybody else thinks, or anybody else’s opinion. We know what we thought about them, and it worked out very well.”

  3. Any draft missing Locker, Mallett, or Kaepernick was a loss IMO, but I do find myself a lot more positive about this draft than I thought I would be. If nothing else, at least we know this FO has a vision.

  4. Well the hawks are definitely getting bigger in terms of height across the board. I think we can add that to one of our areas that PC and JS look for in all draft prospects.

  5. Funny to put on the hindsight goggles 3 years later and laugh at the blunders here.
    "worst draft in the history of the NFL" - swing and a miss.
    Kaepernick is good of course, but we'd definitely be wishing we had Russell Wilson instead of Locker or Mallett by now.