Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fieldgulls Gets a New Head Writer

Dan Kelly, formerly of the excellent Seehock Blog, has accepted the lead writer's job at Fieldgulls, the SB Nation blog for the Seahawks.

Fieldgulls was rather an empty shell following the departure of former head writer John Morgan, whose comprehensive research and knack for football history really brought a ton of knowledge to the 12th Man's online community. The prolific Kelly is a guy who also puts in the honest hours and whose focus on scouting should make him a great asset during draft season. Fieldgulls should definitely be in your bookmarks if it isn't already.

I've been graciously invited to write the occasional article for Fieldgulls (and a couple other sites), and I'm completely game for that. I do, however, plan to keep my residence and the bulk of my work here at 17 Power. I'm certainly honored that my opinions are sought (even if they're mostly buffoonish blatherings), but do I sound standoffish when I talk about a certain loyalty I feel toward the projects I start and build from the ground up? Part of me would just like to stick with what I've got and see where it ends up.

Besides, I'm stoked by how the Seahawks blogging community has stepped up this offseason and I'm looking forward to how it will fall out. Between Fieldgulls, Rob Staton over at Seahawks Draft Blog, and other players like Seahawk Addicts, Candice Caldwell at 12 the Hard Way, and the irreplaceable Dave Krieg's Strike Beard, there's a great synergy that could be had. It would be awesome to see a circle of shared and re-tweeted opinions for us all to chew on. It's always a relief to see intelligent, informed blogging happen in this wasteland of an Internet, so this could be a great thing.


  1. Thanks Brandon!
    Looking forward to the occasional article at Field Gulls but keep up the good work here - you know you're doing something right when people try and bring you on to their teams.

  2. I (and the other FG staff) absolutely love your content. I was gung-ho about getting you on FG. If you want to keep your blog alive, that's very fair, but our door is always open. Just give us the word, and we'll open up writing privileges.

    Until then, I'll continue to promote your best articles, you deserve a wider audience than what Blogger will give you.