Thursday, April 14, 2011

Redefining Arm Strength, Epilogue

Real quick today, I offer an article from Matt Bowen of the National Football Post that analyzes an 85-yard touchdown pass from Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett.

As soon as you read the phrase "85-yard touchdown pass", you probably imagined a deep bomb to a streaking wide receiver who'd gotten behind the defense, right? Nope. This article is actually an excellent example of how arm strength isn't all about distance, but about velocity and zipping the ball to an underneath receiver before the defender can get there. It's a throw that college QB prospects are required to make if they want any respect from scouts, because it's a throw that NFL teams use all the time. This, and not this, is the definition of "beating safeties deep". A strong arm can split apart even a fast, disciplined defense.

Enjoy Bowen's breakdown. Be warned, it's heavy on the X's and O's.)


  1. That's an awesome throw I'm not sure a lot of NFL QB's could make. That kind of arm would definitely stop teams loading the box and think twice about blitzing.

  2. If we come up with Mallett or Jimmy Smith at #25, I will do the happy dance. Sadly, I do believe both will be long gone and without the opportunity to sign FA's before the draft I can't see us trading picks to pre-empt the Mallett to Miama pick.

    Brandon, if we do wind up getting Mallett, do you think the Hawks let Matt go and roll the dice with CW to really get a chance to see what we've got?

  3. I expect Hasselbeck to sign somewhere else anyway, leaving us with Charlie and whatever else we can scrounge up from this offseason.