Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scott's Opinion of the Draft

Pick 25, James Carpenter. I was out with my wife Thursday night, and I didn't get back until just after the 27th pick was being announced. I had the draft on DVR, but the prospect of 3 plus hours just to get to Seattle's pick did not appeal, so I got online and scanned the list...

All my wife heard was a loud "WHO?". I knew this team needed a RT, but assumed it was 4th round stuff, you know, like when we picked Locklear. I erroneously assumed that Petey liked the ZBS principles because it makes getting decent linemen easier in the mid rounds. Right tackle? But it is true, Locklear is gone and Andrews is terrible. I mean, if Andrews can't play well in the phone booth, how is he going to be any good out at the tackle spot?

So I read up, watched some highlights, and then watched every scrap of Ingram film I could. And I get it. I understand passing on the remaining quarterbacks and Jimmy Smith at 25. Carpenter looks solid, can play 4 spots, and considering Okung's ankles are as yet an unknown quantity, this is solid.

Pick 75, John Moffitt. I admit, I was bummed when Rodney Hudson went off the board 2 picks before the trade back. So I was thrilled we traded back, though I really had no good reason except I was afraid they would take Ryan Mallett. I had seen few Wisconsin games last year with the goal of seeing Gabe Carimi, and Moffitt jumps off the screen as a better player than Carimi. He gets all forklifter every once in while when he gets down field, but he is a good player, and the title "Mauler" really does fit him. He won't be a pass blocking turnstile, but he will be slower to develop that part of his game. His feet just are not Hudson quick, and probably never will be. Still, I knew that DT was not a deep position after the 3rd, and really thought we needed to seek depth, or even Mebane's replacement in Jurell Casey.

Pick 99. The Patriot pick. Sorry KJ Wright, but you are screwed.

KJ can cover, which means he already has a higher ceiling than some of our linebackers. That is really what I know about him. I didn't watch him in any games that I remember, and the little bit of video he had was not enlightening. He has long arms, which apparently is a good thing. he still misses some tackles with those appendages, which is a bad thing. He claims to be a student of the game and a film room junkie, so I would expect him to get better by next season. If he starts by his third year, he is a great pick.

Pick 107, Kris Durham. I personally see him as a project, and if he had 10 catches his rookie season I would be surprised. I shouldn't get fooled by the low production, just like I don't want to get fooled by huge numbers, but he had 14 catches in the 9 games where AJ Green should have been absorbing some of the coverage. He might need to put about 15 pounds on, too, since injuries have been a big part of his college experience. His speed is great, he doesn't always catch with his hands, but does it enough that you know he can, and all I see out of him is a simple route tree. Hope he can tackle, he will be special teams for sure early in his career.

Pick 154. Richard Sherman. Once again, I have seen a few Stanford games, but paid no attention to Mr. Sherman. I looked at his highlights, and he looks unsure, and he looks stiff. This pick is about athletic potential, however, not experience, and his athletic numbers are stellar. He is a project for sure, with only 2 years college experience at his position, and that with a team that played with a lead the majority of the time. Special teams for this guy too, then hope he develops. NFL history is not littered with tall, successful cornerbacks, so it will be an uphill battle. He bit on a double move at the end of the first half of the Senior bowl that quite literally was one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.

Pick 156. Mark Legree. This is quite possibly my favorite pick of the Seahawks draft, just because Ruskell would never draft him. I watched the all-22 tape of his highlights, and he is a playmaker. I don't think he is going to be as slow to develop as some of the other selections, either. I think this guy has a real chance to be a starter for the Hawks. His tackling form looks great as well. I will also admit to not having a clue who he was when they took him. You didn't either, and you know it.

Pick 172. Byron Maxwell. Once again, all I have is highlight film and what others wrote. He is a big corner with a a fast 40, and didn't start all his games even as a senior. He is a tools pick, potential that better be able to cover a punt.

Pick 205. Lazarius Levingston. Supposedly drafted to give Red a backup, I can't tell if this guy is a DE or a DT. He is listed various places either way, and his weight is listed as anything from 269 to 294. He looks closer to the high number. He is a run stopping 5 tech, which means that there is still no threat from the Hawks to make the center of the quarterback's pocket anything less than comfortable. Learn to long snap, Lazarious, I want you to stick around just for your name.

Pick 242, Malcom Smith. A good pick, as good as a pick this late can be, anyway, this kid is an athlete buried on the depth chart at USC. Like last years last pick, Jameson Konz, he is a phenomenal athlete that lacks much college production. I have one question about him, is he here to play linebacker, or is he here to be a run stuffing strong safety?

I looked through the free agent lists, there isn't much out there, which makes our defensive tackle issues dire, especially if Mebane is allowed to go. Even if he signs his tender and goes next year, we lose him and Cole at the same time. I am convinced Palmer is going to be in Seattle next year, which I don't like either. The offensive line appears to be on the way to recovery, and concerns about depth at linebacker are over for now. Rating the draft before free agency seems silly, so I won't do it. But I am convinced we are in for a long season with the defensive line, and that could have been seen to with at least one potential starter in this draft.


  1. It's interesting that most people say Konz didn't put up much production in college, but the fact is that he had 1 less catch his senior year (21) playing TE/H-back as did Anthony McCoy, who many considered to be a "steal" in the 5th round.

    McCoy scored 1 TD in both his junior & senior years at USC; Konz scored 2 TDs in his only full season playing on offense.

  2. Well, I would say neither had good production in College, then. And, isn't McCoy primarily a run blocking tight end? anything else is bonus. Konz, on the other hand, is not to the best of my knowledge a run blocking tight end, which makes his numbers suspect.

  3. From what I've read, Konz only played offense for 1 year in college, so that may have something to do with his having 21 catches/2 TDs. Players who switch from one side of the ball to the other should definitely put up big numbers right away. That's only reasonable for any fan to expect.

    But you may be right, he may just be another totally wasted 7th round pick by the front office.

    Hawks fans will hopefully find out as soon as this stupid lockout ends. Just get it over with and play football already.

  4. I was pointing out that they take fliers on pure athletes with not much production in the 7th round. two years in a row is the beginnings of a trend.

  5. Yeah it sucked. I had a ~500 word well thought out reply eaten by blogger's downtime session. : (

  6. Here's the re-write: I think Seattle did ok in this draft- but my biggest concern is the number of raw players Seattle has drafted on day 3:

    Wright: Doesn't appear to have the fluid movement required to play LEO and doesn't have the tackling ability to play SAM. A guy without a position who will need to make adjustments wherever he goes. Physical talent is there but he won't amount to anything without some tweaks. He probably makes the most sense at SAM LB, because it takes advantage of his cover skills and his issue- poor tackling- might be fixable, but his clunky running style at LEO probably isn't.

    Durham: like the pick but I'm facing facts: Durham was basically a bench player in college who will be best off the bench in the pros. As such, he's inexperienced and could require extra time to learn the ropes.

    Sherman: Raw as they come. Like the pick because of potential, but there will be growing pains with this guy with no guarantee of it paying off later. Raw corners can be as painful as raw WR, and we know a thing or two about raw WRs.

    Legree: Polished and might be NFL ready. Did come from a Div 1-a school though.

    Maxwell: This guy pretty decent on youtube and I've heard others speak well of how he impacted his defense. But the production really isn't there. Granted, its hard to judge a DB by "production", but it does make me wonder if he still needs to learn some of the finer points.

    Levingston: (Hopefully) he's only a camp body. Seems experienced though at a position (5-tech) that usually doesn't require a ton of skill. So not a raw player.

    Smith: Sounds like Seattle is hoping Smith will take Herrings job of 3rd down LB. Smith isn't a raw player, but he will be if he's moved to safety, which I think is definitely worth trying.

    So out of 7 guys, basically two and a half won't require significant development. I like that Seattle is trying to find starters out of late rounders, but at the same time this approach has real downside. Jordan Kent, Courtney Taylor, and Golden Tate have cost the team not just in draft picks but in dropped passes, missed routes, and bad play in big games. So its not just the picks they cost us, they have actively made the team worse too. That's the downside of investing too heavily in raw players, though I suppose for a team with so little to lose like Seattle, it makes a lot of sense. Just get ready for some ugly football in the meantime.

  7. Kip, we agree there. I think every draft should lead to 3 starters with value above replacement, and because I lack faith in Moffitt being more than average due to his extremely slow wheels, this draft feels very...speculative. 1 starter, and lots of fliers/development players that need work. In a season where they might get none.

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