Monday, May 9, 2011

Matt Hasselbeck Also Not Expected to Return

Adam Schefter on NFL Live doesn't expect QB Matt Hasselbeck to return to the Seahawks, according to a tweet by Evan Silva.

I'm not sure what's changed since Seattle's favorite football leak shared that Matt Hasselbeck is still a target of interest for the Seahawks. The team's negotiations with him stalled right before the lockout after Hasselbeck turned down the team's offer, apparently over the issue of guaranteed money. OC Darrell Bevell is said to have "reached out" to Hasselbeck during the brief break in the lockout last month, assuring the veteran QB that Seattle still wants him back.

Still, this makes sense. The draft didn't kill the market for veteran quarterbacks so much as just reshuffle the possible landing spots. Washington's evil plan to draft Jake Locker was foiled by Tennessee, leaving them hurting at the position. Arizona might call, despite their alleged interest in Marc Bulger. Hass's old mentor is still lurking around Cleveland, no doubt red-faced as he suppresses his desire to fire Pat Shurmur and rush back down to coach. It's doubtful that Tennessee or Minnesota will be interested now, having committed Top-12 money (chortle) to their new QB's, but there are still candidates for his services.

I am not a Hasselbeck hater, but his hanging around is a messy and divisive situation. His good reputation is at risk. That we've allowed optimism for Hasselbeck's future to creep back into our opinions shows how long it's been since we watched him play. Statistically and fundamentally, he was one of the worst starting QB's we've ever seen in 2010. It's far more logical to expect a San Francisco meltdown from him than a New Orleans comeback in 2011. I'm not saying Charlie Whitehurst will be any better, but there are still other options besides him.

With the lockout embalming teams in their current offensive schemes, Hasselbeck has retained value to the Seahawks by way of his familiarity with Seattle's system and personnel. Should he stick around, the team will at least have continuity. But he looks for all the world like a guy who still believes in himself, still wants to play and win, and wants a contract that reflects those goals. Seattle's front office has been a bit stingy in that regard, both with its own guys and other teams' free agents. The two sides just don't seem to share a vision.

I think it's for the best for both parties if Seattle cuts the cord and moves on. Seattle denied any intent to seriously contend in 2011 by failing to draft a QB, so Charlie Whitehurst might as well get a shot and try to justify that third-round pick he cost (which was used, in case you're wondering, on a small corner from USC).


  1. What? "his good reputation is at risk"

    How's that?

  2. The longer he struggles at the QB position, the worse the 12th Man's memory of him will be when he finally does move on. Kind of the whole Brett "Doesn't Know When He's Washed Up" Favre thing in miniature.

  3. Perhaps you missed it, but Holmgren already fired Mangini.

  4. Mattie Baby:
    Mattie wasn't very good during the regular season, but he did step it up in the playoff's. How good would Whitehurst have been in the playoffs if he had played all year? We'll never know because he didn't play that much all year. Overall, I don't see how he could have been any worse than Hass's TD to interception ratio.

    Hasselbeck could have one or two good years left. At almost 40, Favre was able to turn out one good year(out of three) once he "retired" from the Packers. At mid-thirties, Hass may be able to out do Favre by a year, but not much more than that.

    I say give Whitehurst a shot at it. If he sucks, with the high draft pick the Hawks will have they can get a QB next year. If he doesn't suck, then the D-Line and other areas can be improved in the '12 draft. After that, the Hawks could be in a position to "take chances" in the draft.

  5. By the sounds of most, Matt's reputation as a Qb is already "ruined". I am glad that was not in regards to his personality. While Matt is no Montana, even Joe went out in a Qb deflating manner in KC as did Farve LY in Minny. We won't see Matt go out in a court case like Farve either.

    If we are not careful with this plan alphabet soup they say they have, one could be staring at Whitehurst backed by Gradkowski and Coughlin,,,cough, cough.

  6. Hasselbeck is pretty much at the same place as Jake Delhomme and Marc Bulger are right now. They wore out their welcome with their previous teams and moved on to essentially be backups elsewhere. I see something pretty similar for Matt's future unless Seattle absolutely can't get anything else done at QB.

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