Friday, March 18, 2011

So who the heck are ya?

I've been at this blogging thing for seven weeks now, and it seems I've picked up a small, but loyal and smart, community. For that I'm grateful, and a bit humbled. I always hoped this place would involve lots of discussion and commenting, and not just me blathering in a vacuum.

So, if you're one of the folks who likes to visit here regularly...leave a comment and tell me about yourself! What's your name? What do you do for a living? Or most importantly, how did you become a fan of the Seahawks and what is your favorite Seahawks memory? That's information we can all share and enjoy, even if you don't want to identify yourself. ;)

I'm a high school teacher in Montana. I have a lot of thrilling Seahawks memories to choose from, but most of them were watched on TV as I've only been able to attend two games at Qwest. My favorite is one of the games I did attend: the 2008 Jets game at Qwest that resembled your typical blizzard in Foxborough, the last game of Brett Favre as a Jet. I got to the stadium late and walked up the north steps onto the concourse just in time to glimpse Josh Wilson's first interception. John Carlson's touchdown happened almost right in front of my seats. And Mike Holmgren's final walkaround to "Time of Your Life" was just awesome.

What about you?


  1. Hey Brandon,
    Great blog you've got going here. I read it most days. My names's Dave, I'm from Dublin, Ireland and in college studying business and law. I got into 'american football' as we call it here in 2007. It was pretty random. I got a demo of Madden 07 in an xbox. Didn't really know anything about the sport, and on first impression I thought all the players were bitches for wearing pads and helmets. Anyway, I played the demo loads, using the Seahawks, and when I got the full game did a franchise with them. Madden is really a great way to get into the sport and you learn all about the players, rules, strategy etc. I started watching the NFL on TV. We get 3 games on a Sunday. The hawks were playing and I found myself kinda rooting for them because I knew all the names from Madden and was just curious to see stuff like if Alexander was as good in real life as in the game. I gradually became more and more a fan and started reading the Seahawks blogs and watching the games online. Anyway, over that time I've become more and more obsessed with the game, and the more I learn the more interested I am. I don't want to call myself die-hard, because I think it would be an insult to the guys who've been following the team, but I take it pretty seriously and nothing gets in the way of Seahawks Sunday.
    So when it comes to favourite memories, I haven't got many so I'd have to say the Beastquake was my favourite. Anyway so thats my random story of how I became a Hawks fan. This season better go ahead because I have flights booked for Seattle in September

  2. Hey Dan here,
    I live in Seattle, I'm 28 and work in the legal industry. I have sort of gradually gotten more and more into the Hawks over the past few years until it's sort of become an obsession as of late. I just think Football is far and away the most entertaining sport to watch and I love me some Hawks.
    To be honest i was sort of a bandwagoner and became a fan the year the Hawks went to the Super Bowl. But now I'm anything but a fair weather fan so I think it evens out.
    Ive got a couple of favorite memories - first one being the super bowl obviously - until they lost. But aside from that, I'd say when Romo botched the snap and we all rejoiced was a pretty good memory and also of course the Beastquake. I was also at that Jets game in the snow and for Holmgren's walk around so naturally that was one of the best memories as well.
    What's your story?

  3. Hi there. My name's Al. I'm from Christchurch, New Zealand, and live in Bristol, UK. I'm 31, and I guess that I can go out on a limb and say that I've been a Seahawks fan since I was 4.The only reason that I can muster to justify that claim is that there are family photos of me wearing a Seattle Seahawks t-shirt circa 1983 in the family album. I've no idea where, or who, the t-shirt game from, but I've kept an eye on the Hawks ( + Sonics and Mariners) ever since. And meaningfully, ever since about 1997, when I subscribed to Sky TV in order to watch the NBA, and was introduced properly to the NFL. In 2005 I fulfilled one of my sporting goals and went to Seattle to watch the Sonics beat the kings in game 1 of the playoffs. My wife and I went to see the Mariners beat the Indians 9-1 the following day, and on the way home I insisted on visiting the Seahawks shop where I purchased my Chad Brown 94 shirt. I wore this to the Dux-de-luxe in Christchurch for Superbowl 40. Since then I've moved to the UK and have invested much time into various Seahawks websites(cheers, Brandon, you've subtracted another few minutes of productive output from my week)and NFL Gamepass (which is awesome, especially if you support the seahawks, who don't get blacked out).
    It's fair to say that I am a sports nerd. As well as the Seahawks, I am also a huge fan of Canterbury and New Zealand cricket and rugby (come on you All Blacks, don't choke again!)
    and New Zealand and England football. The team I am most closely emotionally attached to is Tottenham Hotspur. Although I live a couple of hours away I usually go to about 10 Spurs games each season. Next on the list are Real Madrid and Barcelona. Come on you Spurs!!

    I have a strong dislike of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Heat, England rugby and cricket, Auckland, Chelsea and Arsenal. And, of course, anything Australian.

    I'm praying that there are no games missed due to labour disputes, and I have crossed my fingers especially tightly for David. I frequently try to plan trips to Qwest. I hope you can make it, man.

  4. I am 56 yrs old. Born in Chicago, Illinois. Moved to Seattle in 1979. Have worked as a Embedded Software engineer for the past 25+ years.

    Grew up a Bears, Cubs, White Sox (I know, not many people claim to like both) and Bulls fan. I joined the military when I was 19, spent 4 years in Biloxi Ms. It was during this time that I drifted away from my hometown sports teams. The internet was unheard of and I was entering my wild 20's, so I became less a fanatic. Absence surely made this guy's heart wander.

    My wife, whom I met in the military was from Seattle, so when my duty was up, I came to the PNW in late 1978. I had pulled for the Sonics against the Bullets in 1978 and got to grow to love Seattle sports over the years. I have always been for the underdog, so the young fledgling Seahawks were a natural fit. I never pulled for Chicago sports teams once falling for all the local Seattle teams. Mariners, Sonics and Seahawks. You name them, have all given me some deep heart breaks. I still want to take the ball away from Motoumbo (though I believe he has passed RIP).

    Kenny Easley is my favorite Seahawks player, because of my love of defense. Largent was a true pro and Chuck Knox was a godsend. I would love for the Seahawks to establish themselves long-term as an elite organization and team, but right now they keep hitting some bumps in the road. Time is running out on me, I would love to see them rip off 3-4 SB rings in a decade, ala the Patriots. They have to pay their dues I suspect but I hope to see a victory parade here in Seattle before I go. I didn't go to the Sonics parade for their 79 title but the town was buzzing back then.

  5. Well, i'm a substitute elemtary school teacher and part time construction worker in the summers. So, in other words a lazy, underachieving bum who does just enough to survive.

    Growing up in Portland I basically had a choice of being a 49er, Raider, or Seahawk fan since those are the 3 teams that were usually on TV in the area. The first game i attended was against the Eagles because I was a huge Randall Cunningham fan at the time more then I was really a Seahawk fan. But eventually the Seahawks won me over, mostly due to #'s 80, 45, and 17. I originally bought season tickets when i was 18 yaers old, 200 dollars for 2 seats in the very top row of The Kingdome. Held season tickets for 16 years before having to give them up a few years because of the previously explained lazy, underachieveness.

    My favorite moments seem to be closely followed by some of the worst moments. I think my single favorite moment as a Seahawks fan was being in the stadium in Detroit, jumping up and down as Kelly Herndon ran down the sidelines after intercepting Roethlessberger. At that moment i KNEW we were going to win the game. My 2nd favorite moment was probably "We Want the Ball and We're Going to Score". It was at that moment that i fell in love with Matt Hasselbeck who has now surpassed Largent and Easley as my all time favorite player.

  6. really enjoy this blog you have here, I'm 19 from Australia studying to become a high school teacher, started following the hawks during the superbowl run, turning into an obsession of late. fave hawks memories would have to be romos botched snap or of course beastquake

  7. Dude, I'm Jim and I'm a loyal Seahawks supporter from Melbourne, Australia.

    Loving the blog! Your work, alongside Johnny Peel at DKSB gets me through the day.

    I've been a fan of the Hawks for a while now, and i'm basically obsessed. I'm planning a trip to the USA soon, along the west-coast, wanting to hit up Qwest Field as much as i can.

    I wake up at 6am every Monday morning here in Aus during the season to stream the Seahawks games live from the it!

    Anyway dude, loving the work, keep it up and be assured that lots of people are enjoying what you're doing!

    P.S. Andy McGuire, where about from Aus are you at?

  8. yeh I'm from sydney, and I know exactly how you feel waking up at 6am every Monday to watch the hawks, worth every second

  9. Jeff Young

    I'd be the asshole that is no longer welcome at .net that goes by the name warner28. I rarely post here (and do so anonymously if I do) but read your site daily. Its an excellent site and you are doing a fantastic job.

    I am a teacher in Bend Oregon and a degenerate gambler on the side (in addition to being an asshole). A Seahawks fan by birth, Curt Warner came to town and the rest is history. Still believe the 80's and Chuck Knox teams make Holmgren's teams look like pansies.

    Great site, keep it up.

  10. My name is Chris. I am a Telecommunications specialist in Spokane, Washington. I have been a Seahawks fan since birth. My first Seahawks game was in the womb as my parents had season tickets. I have too many memories to pick one. I am a Seahawks Addict, I have recently started to reading your blog and really enjoy your thoughts. I found it from a link on Seahawks Draft Blog. Well keep up the good work.

  11. Brandon,

    I found your site thanks to There are a lot of Aussies that follow the Hawks, and your site. That's pretty cool.

    I am 42, and I've followed the Hawks Since 1976. I was born in Orange County, CA, and moved to Kirkland, WA in 1976, from St. Marys, OH. The Seahawks hooked me when we went to the store and I found a form to name the new NFL franchise. I was an average fan until just after the strike in '82. I begged my parents to buy me a Hawks coat just before my freshman year at Pine Lake Junior High in '83. I'd been picked on for liking the Hawks prior to that, but being a new kid in school, it went even further. I grew up, put away childish things, and became a rabid Seahawks fan.

    I was a fire fighter in the Air Force (and afterwards), I went to WSU for just over three years, and I'm looking to get back into fire fighting. Currently I am not doing anything because I was laid off from my last job.

    My favorite memories of the Hawks are too numerous to mention. But the one thing that I love about the Hawks is that they've never let me down. Oh sure, they've come up short, or didn't meet expectations, but no matter what, they've helped me through tough times. One example is the '05 season. I was down because I went to Seattle because my mother had passed away. I went out with some friends, and I was the designated driver. We were hit by a drunk driver. I was hurting: torn rotator cuff and labrum in my right shoulder, torn patella tendon in my right knee, concussion, and most of the muscles pulled in my back and neck. Life sucked. But then the Hawks had their best season. They really helped me recover faster then I should have.

    Growing up around the country, I've had allegiances to many teams. I lived in Alaska for three and a half years, I didn't follow the other teams, but I made sure to read and watch everything that I could find about the Hawks. I realized then that I could give up all sports teams except the Seahawks. It's great to find a site like yours. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

    Jim Kelly

  12. Hey Brandon,

    I also found your site through Seahawks Draft Blog. I'm Guilherme, 21, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I'm currently at college, History major, and part-time worker at a non-profitable organization that gives extra classes to poor people (since public education in Brazil is pretty much a mess).

    I've been a Seattle sports fan since 1995-96, when the Sonics got to the NBA finals against the Bulls. My first contact with football was the 42-0 MNF Blowout (2001, I guess?), but I didn't understand the rules, which I got by the end of the 2007-2008 season. I've been a die-hard Seahawks fan since then.

    I can't say that it's my favorite Seahawks memory, but the most emotional memory was Big Walt's retirement. The fact that I didn't realize what football was during his prime (and the great 5-year run at titles during his prime) makes me kinda sad. I guess the happiest moment would be the Romo-snap game, when I got pretty hopeless and then a win.

    Thanks for your great work!


  13. Testing from SoCal sluggo

  14. OK, My name is Doug, call me sluggo from So California. Just found your site, link from Rob.
    Used to be a regular at Addicts, but they had some problems, altho they seem to be getting re-cranked up.
    Im a 54 years old retired waterworks manager, currently a rock and roll drummer. Opinionated, and loyal Hawkfan since inception. Have seen at lease part of every game ever played.
    Thrilled with the current state of affairs after the Mora era fiasco.
    Looking forward to the draft, and completely irritated by the CBA mess. They are all spoiled, greedy biotchis who all need a can of reality.

    I'll check in often, and thanks for being here. Just can't get enough Hawk-tawk


  15. I'm Tyler (HawkFan72 on .net). I live in Antioch (SF Bay Area), CA and I'm 27. I'm a Graphic Designer. I became a Seahawks fan through my dad, who is one. I grew up loving the Seahawks and never left.

  16. I'm Kyle. (KBHawk on .net, came here from .net) I'm a college professor, late-30s, and when I have time spend too much time on the Seahawks, whom I have loved for 30+ years.

    My best moment was the waning moments of the 2005 NFC Championship game, seeing my hero, Jim Zorn (then-QB coach) on the sideline as the team was about to head to its first Super Bowl. Everything that has happened since then has been a strange disappointment, but I will not stop loving the Hawks.