Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Features on 17 Power

So I had a couple of semi-brilliant ideas for new blog features in the top links. Check 'em out, and keep checking back for updates.

Transaction Tracker: Formerly the Player Tracker, now updated. I'll be complicating this soon enough.

Draft Value Chart: For the draft trade junkies amongst us, here's a tool for how much draft picks are worth.

Carroll Resources: Growing collection of links to articles that break down Pete Carroll's schemes and tendencies. Feel free to contribute if you know of one!

Highlight Videos: Need a pick-me-up or a distraction from the offseason blues and CBA drama? Here's the place!


  1. Excellent handy features! Well done!

  2. Those Pete Carroll resources and that Ultimate Seahawks Season video are worth the price of admission. Those defensive breakdowns on Pete's schemes are going to take away from the court room stuff for awhile anyway.

    Good Job as usual!