Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Class, Competition, and the Change That Might Not Be: Part 1

So, we've signed a starting quarterback with two starts under his belt who doesn't fit Pete's "mobile point guard" profile all that well, and NOW it's a good offseason?


It's nice when your thoughts organize themselves into convenient categories. My reaction to Seattle's signing of Matt Flynn is threefold. In brief: He's far from a bust-in-waiting. Still, it's a little surprising...and a little much excitement has been generated in Seattle by a 7th-round QB who has flashed success in very limited starting experience in the NFL's most efficient offense. Harsh way to put it? Sure. But not untrue, and not irrelevant.

I'll elaborate on Flynn later. First I want to talk about how his arrival affects our incumbent quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson.

I'm the last person to suggest that our QB situation last year was ideal. I know exactly what we have in Tarvaris Jackson: a "bridge QB" with glaring holes in his game who will probably never survive in the playoffs. And towards the end of the year as Jackson experienced a solid stretch as a "game manager", a lot of folks seemed content with that and gave Jackson credit for what he had accomplished. It's a rebuild, we said. We'll get there.

Then free agency came around, and the scent of new possibilities seemed to trigger all kinds of panting amongst the fan base.

Suddenly, people were poking their head into every musty, cobwebbed quarterback cupboard they could possibly think of. And not just Flynn or The Peyton. I was seeing names like Kyle Orton, Alex Smith(?), Donovan McNabb(?!), Chad Henne(?!?), David Garrard(?!?!), Matt Leinart(?!?!?!?!!!!), Brady Quinn(!!!!!!!!!!!!11!11), and John Skelton(*implode*). If you wanted to know how many QB's there were on the market, skip your usual habit of Googling "2012 free agent QBs" could just trip on over to any Seahawks fan forum and you'll find a thread pushing each one. Easy list for ya.

And don't forget the long trail of potentially maybe eventually released quarterbacks that the Peyton Manning odyssey left in its wake. C'mon back, Matt Hasselbeck! Try again, Kevin Kolb! Welcome to secular Seattle, Tim Tebow! I half expected to see some rumor of Peyton dislodging his own brother into the free-agent winds. And every one of them was suggested for a Seahawks uniform by one of my 12th Man brethren.

This reeked of desperation to me. It certainly ran deeper than just a desire for "competition". Some folks were honest enough to admit why their QB search was so intense. They didn't really care whether the newly signed QB is no better, they just couldn't stand another minute of Tarvaris Jackson. It was pretty much assumed at that point - and still is - that it can't get any worse than Tarvaris, and that even a cursory attempt to bring in new blood must therefore be an automatic positive step.

I'm very glad that this sentiment was NOT one of the reasons that John Schneider signed Flynn. Change for the sake of change (let's call it what it is) doesn't sound like professional thinking, does it? I'd be pretty unsettled if the front office was throwing dollars around for lateral moves designed purely to keep our attitudes hopeful and our butts in the seats. This signing had better mean one of two things: a) Seattle expects Flynn to be significantly better than Tarvaris, or b) they expect Tarvaris to do significantly better in the presence of heated-up competition.

There will be a competition to ensure that one of those two things happens. Fine and good. But what bugs me is the near-automatic assumption that Jackson will lose said competition. People really do believe that it couldn't be worse than Tarvaris. That's not only bad analysis and bad perspective, it's a slap in the face to both Tarvaris and the front office who signed him. Suggesting that we bring in Matt Leinart to compete? That's almost as insulting as the childish nicknames going around ("T-Joke", T-Suck"). You'd really rather have an 8-10 starter with a piss-poor attitude and an inability to get a team behind him, than a 17-16 starter who's an established leader and warrior on the field?

But indeed, some folks were not only scrambling to find alternatives, they were pretty much taking it for granted that said alternatives would win the starting job from Jackson.

It's illogical. It's impatient. It's shortsighted. It's based on gaping assumptions. It's bad scouting. It's bad business. It's thinly disguised free agency boredom. It's not good reasoning. Tarvaris Jackson is NOT the worst starting quarterback in the league and may very well end up under center in August.

I AM NOT SAYING TARVARIS IS THE FUTURE OR THAT I EXPECT HIM TO BECOME A STARTING-CALIBER QB. Intangibles do not produce stardom and T-Jack is limited. I get it. I'm simply suspecting that some of you have never seen the play of Max Hall or Chad Henne or Colt McCoy. Some of these guys would love to have T-Jack's starting record. Most of the alternatives people have been pushing are no more experienced or accomplished than T-Jack. Some can't even earn the respect of a locker room. Donovan McNabb played for Minnesota without a hint of a spark. Nobody from Arizona is going to improve on 7-9.

Or would you really would prefer Caleb Hanie's 3 TD's to 9 INT's?

Or paying two second rounders for Kevin Kolb instead of a relatively paltry $4 million a year?

Or that "clown" Ryan Mallett, whose mere rumors of immaturity turned some of you off?

Or how about this...we could not only be starting the 6-15 Colt McCoy, but sitting here fearful that the front office might actually believe in him as a QBOTF.

We don't need to be satisfied with Jackson as a starter, and we should continue looking for an upgrade. But saying stuff like "Even the CFL has better starters than Jackson"? No, I'm not on board with that.  This calls for some perspective. We could have it a LOT worse than we do.

Far from being useless, T-Jack is one of the best backups in the league. He is a leader, hard worker, tough sportsman, focused professional, and role model and mentor for younger players. He has avoided any number of embarrassing pitfalls - griping about his small contract, taking public potshots at uneven teammates, being glimpsed flailing his arms and losing his temper on the sidelines. Not a whiff of that. He hunkered down and played the man, made the best of what he had. Before the press, on the field, and in the locker room, he has commanded the players' respect and exhibited all the poise, humility, determination, self-accountability, forward thinking, and physical self-sacrifice of Matt Hasselbeck.

Coming from a Seahawks fan, I think that's high praise indeed. And all that while knowing that he was just a band-aid in the team's eyes.

Tarvaris Jackson deserves more respect than "Nah, let's bring in Brady Quinn". Enough with the nicknames, the insulting mis-analysis, and the smug calls to cut him now that we've signed Matt Flynn. Cut a backup who can manage his way to 7 wins? Do you have any idea how many teams would kill for such a backup? This is me calling out the 12th Man and asking for some class in Seattle. Some of you sound like Philly fans. (That's not a compliment.) It's bad enough that every ESPN talking head was labeling every free agent QB a "fit" in Seattle just because they were a QB. You actually know Pete Carroll, know his philosophy, know his reasoning and his vision. You should know better.

If you'd simply rather have someone, anyone other than Tarvaris, I submit that you don't know what true suck looks like. Perhaps you can find a Miami fan to enlighten you.


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    1. Thanks, you win the daily prize for your excellent negative approach. I've been looking for something to line the bottom of my birds cage with.

      So, what team do you actually ROOT for?

  2. Very good article. Tarvaris may not be the future, but I loved his toughness and attitude. I think he has the respect of the team. I am happy to have Flynn come in and provide some real competition, and I think the Hawks will be better as a result no matter who wins the competition.

  3. Amen to that. I think the Flynn signing tells us three things:

    --PC/JS were willing to spend $10 million guaranteed to ensure they had legitimate competition at the QB spot;

    --Josh Portis isn't ready to provide that competition; and

    --when they draft a QB, it won't be Kirk Cousins. I could still see them taking Osweiler (elite upside, long learning curve, real bust potential), though, because when they do take a QB, they're going to shoot for the moon.

    I'm not sold that Flynn beats out TJ, because I'm far from convinced he's better; but having him on board does mean we have a stronger bridge to our future QB.

  4. Agree w/Bob and Rob...the competition can only improve things. That's what I want my next piece to be about.

  5. Wow. From the sounds of this article I'm glad that I don't visit much anymore. If that's the sort of idiocy that passes for dialogue--Orton! Alex Smith! Tebow!--then I'm not missing anything.

    TJack brings toughness, arm strength, and mobility. Flynn brings pre-snap diagnostics and accuracy. If we could splice the two of them together we'd have a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

  6. FWIW, Kyle, every guy that posts asking for Tebow, Leinart, or Quinn, gets 40 immediate responses all saying "no". Folks like this are in the minority, it's just that they're always the one starting the threads. :D

  7. awesome article couldn't agree more

  8. always the voice of reason.

    great post.

  9. I like the competition. I am anxious to find our QBOTF, but not enough to discount the fact that this FO has managed to put two competent QB's into a competition for relatively low cost, while building what looks like a legit contender. I do agree that we should respect Tjack for his heart, and willingness to play through a tough injury.

    I certainly don't want another situation where we have people chanting for the backup QB whenever we don't complete a pass.

  10. I get it. Tarvaris is a nice guy. He isn't the worst QB ever. He has the respect of his teammates. He's tough. He's this, he's that, blah blah blah. He is not a good QB.

    He brings absolutely no excitement to the fans. Tarvaris at his best is a .500 QB that will do enough to keep you from being able to draft a top QB and will not do enough to get you the #32 pick in the draft. We know what Tarvaris is, we know.

    I want a QB that can at least bring me some semblance of HOPE, Tarvaris doesn't give that to me.

    I am one of the guys that wanted the front office to do something, ANYTHING, to bring hope to the Seahawks. The front office must have agreed with me because they were going to bring in Alex Smith for a visit prior to signing Matt Flynn.

    Any other QB, no matter how bad they have been in the past, would have at least brought me some hope. I have faith in the coaching that was able to get Tarvaris to play better than he ever has. I have faith that they could do the same with a different cast off that would at least bring hope. None of those QB's that you say you wouldn't want have ever had around them a team that is as talented as what Seattle has now except Tarvaris.

    Tarvaris had a good team in Minnesota and did the same thing he did here. He held the ball too long. He threw the ball away on 4th down. He never led a 4th quarter comeback. I could go on, but why?

    1. The Seahawks were also going to bring in Chad Henne... another QB that would bring more hope to Seattle than Tarvaris.

    2. Or one could say that Flynn was a 7th round pick because he needed to sit behind a proven veteran for a few years and become a "top 15 NFL Qb", like A. Rogers believes and stated.

      The part I am having trouble with accepting Flynn carte blanche is related to his current availability. To get any player away from the Packers w/o compensation is suspect to begin with(see Ryan Grant). It is not how they operate.

      UFA and Packers is only reserved for players they can find no value in and for AR and McCarthy to be so glowing yet so unprotective seems illogical.

      To add a "potential starter" in the NFL seems to cost around $5 mill a year these days unless you get a shot at the brass ring. So as Sonny and Cher warbled,,,"the beat goes on".

    3. The Packers were considering putting the franchise tag on Flynn and trying to trade him because they know how good he is. They just didn't know what the market was going to be and couldn't afford the risk if no one was willing to make that trade.

      Either way, I have more hope than I would with only Tarvaris coming back.

      Seattle has upgraded.

      Go back and watch the games with Tarvaris and then go watch Flynn. Tarvaris has the million dollar arm and the 2 cent head. Flynn just looks more NFL ready than Jackson.

    4. Right on, dude.

  11. Miami is too stupid to realize that they already have a decent QB in Matt Moore. Another QB I would rather have than Tarvaris Jackson.

    1. Matt Moore is a good quarterback, to be sure, who got hot down the stretch when Reggie Bush finally remembered how to be a running back (see also: better o-line play). Who does that sound like?

  12. nice straw man you built for yourself in that article

    1. How on earth is this article a straw man?
      -Tyler Jorgensen, Field Gulls.

  13. Chad Henne would not bring more "hope" than Tarvaris. He is a bad QB who would MAYBE just reach 2011 Tarvaris' ceiling at best. To think otherwise is an incorrect judgment of both QB's and nobody outside of QB-desperate Seattle thinks any differently of Henne.

    This is the exact kind of thinking I take issue with. It's not a straw man - it happened right here in this comments section.

    1. I challenge you to go actually watch some film of both Henne and Jackson and then get back to me on who you think looks like an actual NFL QB. Henne was in Miami, you know the team that is more dysfunctional than most people you see on the Jerry Springer show. You are not a good evaluator of talent if you think Jackson is better than Henne.

    2. Did the media tell you that Henne was a bad QB, or did you actually watch him play? My bet is that you've seen Henne for a total of 30 seconds.

  14. I can only imagine what the coaching staff in Seattle could do with Henne. They made Tarvaris good enough to fool this tool into thinking he is actually good.

  15. This guy lost me when he told me the re-signing of Red Bryant was bad and Tarvaris is good. There sure are some stupid people out there.

  16. As one of those Seahawk fans calling for a change at the QB position, let me respond as follows:

    1 - arguing that TJax is not 'the worst starting QB in the NFL' is faint praise indeed. My position is that he is in the bottom third of the bottom half of starting QBs at the beginning of 2011. Not good, in other words.

    2 - his character is not under criticism - his ability to play the position in the NFL is. We can all respect the guy as a guy - just not as a starting NFL QB.

    3 - PC/JS made the best of a bad situation last year. We understand that, and respect the position they were in. They did the right thing signing TJax (IMO).

    4 - this year PC/JS have an entire off-season and a draft to improve the QB position. My opinion is, and remains, that given the opportunity they were bound to do so - and they did, signing Flynn.

    5 - the upcoming draft will likely see another QB added to the roster, perhaps 2.

    6 - in the draft, we might see them draft a Flynn-like talent in Kellen Moore (unlikely, IMO) or more likely, a guy that better fits their prototype NFL QB - an athletetic guy with a good arm and wheels - more like Josh Portis. That would be Russell Wilson.

    7 - the reason Flynn will beat TJax out for the starting QB position for the Seahawks is that he is a far better professional QB. Think of it this way: Flynn has been through his initial apprenticeship, and unlike most players in his postion, he has succeeded, in that he has been the number two QB behind the best QB in the league. During the course of his development, he was given his mid-term test against New England - and passed. Last year he was given his final against Detroit, and graduated into a full time starter. During that game he passed every test against a team attempting to win, playing with back-ups on his, as Greenbay rotated starters out of the line-up.

    8 - during that game against Detroit, Flynn made every throw, passed every test, and led his team to a last-minute victory, breaking GB passing records along the way. Watching the game, he passed the eye-test as a competent NFL QB (something TJax has never done). He was consistent and money.

    9 - bottom line: Flynn is not a PC prototype at the position. He has a mediocre arm and questionable athleticism. He makes up for that with his skill at the position. His pre-snap reads. His progressions, anticipation and accuracy. These are traits that TJax has had plenty of time to develop, and hasne't.

    10 - Flynn will likely be the Seahawk starting QB in 2012.

    11 - given the development of Portis, he has a fair chance to be the back-up.

    12 - the third QB will likely be the guy they draft next month.

    13 - TJax will likely be out of a job come September.

  17. Henne and Jackson are both subpar QB's in different ways. I prefer T-Jack (AS A STOPGAP) because:

    a) He holds the edge in TD/INT ratio and sack rate, and that's with his penchant for holding onto the ball taken into account;

    b) He's proven he can "game manage" this offense, whereas Henne doesn't fit that profile;

    c) Because it's an incredibly simplistic argument to say that Carroll could magically "improve" Henne because he did T-Jack. Why not apply the same optimism to Charlie Whitehurst? You've gotta provide some nuance or analysis there if you want me to believe ya, bro.

    1. I have to provide some "nuance or analysis"? Isn't that what you have to do? I'm not the one telling everyone on my own blog that Tarvaris is better than Henne, you are. You have absolutely no credibility. It shows in YOUR analysis, or should I say, lack of analysis. I have only to show you Tarvaris Jackson and his lack of progression throughout his career. He continues to make the same mistakes that he made as a rookie.

      TD/INT ratio and sack rate have more to do with the entire team and has very little use as to why you would choose one QB over another. Well, maybe not you, but to the rest of us.

      Tarvaris as a game manager...exciting... Henne doesn't fit that profile? What kind of analysis is that supposed to be?

      I would apply the "simplistic argument" to Whitehurst IF he had been given a chance. I still believe that Charlie will be a better QB than Tarvaris.

      Charlie was brought in to push Hasselbeck. Not many QB's would have been able to push Hass out of the starting lineup. The following season, the Seahawks bring in a new OC and the QB that had been in the system for 5 years prior. I have absolutely no doubt that Charlie could and would play better than Tarvaris had he been in the same system for 5 years. Charlie played better in college than Tarvaris while having a different OC EVERY year.

      It is disturbing to me that Tarvaris plays as poorly as he does in a system he has been in for as many years as he has. It is also disturbing that Tarvaris still has trouble with reads and his progressions. He still looks lost in the pocket when his first read doesn't seem to be open. I say "seem" because Tarvaris is also unable to throw guys open or hit them in stride or on time for them to get yards after the catch.

      Tarvaris is a see-it throw-it guy. He has to see a guy open before he throws the ball. He can not anticipate, he just can't do it. You can see this if you watch the games. How many times have you seen Tarvaris complete a ball to a guy that wasn't wide open? He won't throw the ball if the receiver has a guy within two yards.

      I am not saying that ANY QB could come in and win with this team. I am just saying that ANY other QB would give me more hope than Tarvaris does.

      You have your opinion, I have mine. Even with my limited analysis, Tarvaris in no way passes the eyeball test.

    2. Great answer Anonymous. Last season, I was as open as anyone to TJ for multiple reasons. Not the least of which was his
      athleticism. I saw a few of his games in Minnesota and was unimpressed, but it had been a couple years and I thought that the things he was lacking before, (presence, pocket awareness, and anticipation), would have improved.

      After watching last season, he still lacks all of the above.

      To quote from the previous post...

      "It is disturbing to me that Tarvaris plays as poorly as he does in a system he has been in for as many years as he has. It is also disturbing that Tarvaris still has trouble with reads and his progressions. He still looks lost in the pocket when his first read doesn't seem to be open. I say "seem" because Tarvaris is also unable to throw guys open or hit them in stride or on time for them to get yards after the catch.

      Tarvaris is a see-it throw-it guy. He has to see a guy open before he throws the ball. He can not anticipate, he just can't do it. You can see this if you watch the games. How many times have you seen Tarvaris complete a ball to a guy that wasn't wide open? He won't throw the ball if the receiver has a guy within two yards."

      Spot on analysis. I have said the same exact thing to anyone who would listen.

      Matt Fynn will win the job because he IS a better QB.

  18. @Hawksince77 - I agree with you on every point. My article is intended more for people who take the T-Jack criticism to the level of peanut-throwing insults and believe that Jackson is so awful that any old castoff floating around the league (i.e. Brady Quinn) could come in here and lead the team to 8-8.

    1. I wouldn't waste my peanuts throwing them at Tarvaris. Brady Quinn may not be able to take the Seahawks to a winning record, but it is POSSIBLE. With Tarvaris it is DOUBTFUL.

    2. Take away Charlie Whitehurst's abysmal performance (12/30 for 97) against Cleveland the defense's 4th quarter choke against Washington and we have a winning record.

  19. Great article. Thanks for having the balls to write it.

  20. Second that & thanks!

  21. From: AlaskaHawk
    Tevaris isn't a bad QB. He is somewhere around the Cutler, Orton, Moore range. Good enough to win some games. It the team is good we could make the playoffs. It is unlikely that we would advance in the playoffs based on his throwing ability. These are place holder QBs. Good enough to get the job, but not good enough to make the team great.

    So no insult intended to Tevaris. He was brought in as a transition QB until we could find the next best thing. It is understandable that fans would get excited about anyone that they think is better. And no matter who Seattle picks (Flynn) there will be negative nancys. Lets repeat that Flynn has a subpar arm about a million times before the season even starts.

    Maybe it is common to all sports that we idolize a winner and overlook their flaws (Is it a bigger flaw to assault a girl in the batrhroom or have a dozen Mistresses on the side?). And we tear up the losers and boo them, even when a lot of the problem is the team.

    TJ has flaws - he holds onto the ball too long, etc. Okay, he isn't superman. No need to beat up on him.

    I would have liked to see Charlie Whitehurst played a few more games - but that won't happen now.

    I'm fine with Flynn, and yes I expect him to start. Let's just see how the preseason goes, if he can't win the spot then he doesn't deserve it.

    1. Tarvaris isn't even in the same hemisphere as Cutler, Orton, OR Moore.

      You may not have intentionally insulted "Teveris", but misspelling his name is sort of an insult in itself.

    2. Brandon, you have been accused of ignorance by an anonymous person whose main argument appears to be "ANYONE BUT TJ!"

      Anonymous is missing the point because he is pissed somebody might say something nice about TJ, and the point remains: IF TJ wins the starting job, will you flip your wig?

    3. Anonymous... If you must know, my name is David Sims. I also am known as rideaducati on

      I don't get upset when people say nice things about Tarvaris Jackson. I notice the things that are said are personal traits ie. he's tough, respected by teammates, has a big arm, is a hard worker, has a great personality, and he is a great locker room guy. The only thing I don't hear is that he is a good QB. I've looked everywhere.

      Even here, Brandon doesn't even think Tarvaris is a good QB. He just THINKS Tarvaris is better than all other options, I strongly disagree and Brandon has left me a space to leave my opinion. I am taking that space to do so.

      I have watched every snap that Tarvaris Jackson has taken as a Seahawk. I also watched every other QB in the league on directv's shortcuts. Tarvaris Jackson was one of the worst in the league. I believe he was ranked as the 37th best QB in the league this past year...37th! That is pretty bad considering that there are only 32 teams in the NFL.

      I don't feel bad for expecting better from the Seahawk QB. I expect the front office of my favorite team to expect more too. I have every reason to expect a QB that has been in the same system, with the same OC, with the same plays to IMPROVE after 5 years. But that's just me.

  22. I want to know where those teams are that would kill for Tarvaris Jackson to go to their teams as a backup. If I recall, every team in the NFL was going hard after him...right? If it weren't for the shortened offseason and Seattle's hiring of Bevell, Tarvaris would be out of a job right now.

    And FYI, Matt Moore was ranked 12th in the NFL last season, a mere 25 spots ahead of Tarvaris.

  23. David, I agree with you that comparing Tarvaris to other backup QB's is like comparing circles of hell. We still need an upgrade, and now that upgrade MIGHT be here and this whole argument moot. My point, which barely even dents the previous sentence, is simply that that Tarvaris has still accomplished more than most available backups, both statistically and in the wins column, and that his familiarity with our system remains a point in his favor. (I also tend to disagree that TD/INT ratio and sack rate are team factors more than QB factors, as they have a well-documented habit of aticking to QB's even after they switch teams.)

    As far as our discussion, I only ask three things:

    1) That you make your point once and stick to it, rather than making it in response to every single reply and flooding the comments section;

    2) That you represent my arguments respectfully, unlike the way you did on's boards. I would always do that for you. My Red Bryant piece, for example, was a lot more in-depth and reserved than "signing Red Bryant was a bad thing".

    3) That you feel free to call yourself David around here. I'm hardly going to earmark you for disagreeing with me!

    And that's as far as I'm gonna go with my self-defense. I'm just looking to create rational and respectful debate here on 17 Power. :)

    1. We can agree and disagee and I will still enjoy this conversation more than any conversation that I have had with any niner fan. I hope to have more debates with you in the future.

      Who are you over at

      1) Sorry for flooding your board, I have never been here before today. I usually spend most of my time on the boards. It tends to get a bit less than civil over there... I think that's why I like it.

      2) My reply to your Red Bryant piece is now in the comment section there. I believe I left a compelling argument as to why you are wrong, albeit a bit condescending. I apologize in advance for the condescending part, but I absolutely stand by my reasoning. You might too if you read it.

      3) Like I said, I'm new here and have now figured out to have my name shown, so no more anonymous blasts.

      I look forward to a conversation with you somewhere, sometime... rideaducati.

  24. HAHA now it all makes sense why David is so argumetative and is miss reading the blog as a support for TJAk to start. Which it is not. He rides a ducati. If he rode a Harley he would be a bit more laid back and not be so intent on proving his points.

    1. I prefer to ride and don't want to wrench on them more than I ride them.

  25. So...what's the point?

  26. Seriously? This is what is passing for in depth writing nowadays? Brandon Adams, you sir, are a hack.

  27. Brandon, How dare you! How dare you say anything about Tarvaris except he sucks and he's stupid!!!

  28. Great write up, Brandon. Of course, this being a quarterback post, you can bet your bottom dollar folks will be lining up on both sides of this argument. Me? Nope. Not gonna take a side. We've had nothing but bridge quarterbacks since Matthew Hasselbeck left. So far, nothing has worked, but it's not the end of the world. The front office has dealt with this situation in a professional, logical manner.

    There hasn't been a clear-cut QBOTF available yet. We brought in Whitehurst as a gamble. We brought in Jackson as a gamble. We tried for Manning, only to fall short. We've now brought in Flynn. All of these moves are moves to find this guy, this elusive QBTOF. It's a hard one to find, but just because we haven't been successful yet doesn't mean we're not systematically and responsibly looking for him.

    And by the way, your blog is a great one, a mandatory read for those who bleed the blue and green. I've passed The Versatile Blogger award on to you. Take it or leave it. More deets on my blog, should you choose to pass it on. In any case, it's my endorsement of a great blog.

  29. Amazing how a blog site writer wannabe can assert that they have better evaluation skills than the Seahawks coaches. What a bunch of bull shit.

  30. I'm Spanky and you're wrong.April 13, 2012 at 2:48 PM

    T-Joke is a HORRIBLE QB and shouldn't even of had a shot at another starting job, BUT here came along the Strike! and low-and-behold we need a QB that knows Bevell's scheme and in comes T-Joke!, That's the only reason he had a shot at the starring job... Listen Up T-Joke supporters the guy is HORRIBLE and will lose his "Job" to the New shinny QB in town not because T-Joke wasn't given a chance, but because Matt Flynn is the BETTER QB and will earn the starting job, nuff said!

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