Sunday, October 9, 2011

Seahawks Defeat NY Giants on the Road, 36-25

The title alone is a stunner. Not something I was expecting to see this year.

This game was a back-and-forth, messy, opportunistic contest with poor fundamental football interspersed with big plays - for both teams. It was a firefight of turnovers. It was a slew of injuries toughed out. It was a showcase for wide receiver depth. It was a clinic on how to rebound from mistakes. It was another chance for Charlie Whitehurst. It was a head-shaker for linebackers. It was a hailstorm of penalties. It was a highlight reel-filler of lucky bounces, an agonizing march of almost-big-plays, finally decided by the luck of one team running out while the other team still had the endurance and spirit to capitalize.

For once, the latter team was the Seahawks, now 2-3. Once again, we are reminded of the masterful motivation of Pete Carroll and the power it sometimes offers to an otherwise struggling team.

This game could mark a tremendous shift in the Seahawks' season, or at least, as tremendous as it can be as the 49ers(!) run away with the division. Pending further news on Tarvaris Jackson's injury, Charlie Whitehurst could be looking at yet another chance, probably his final one, to cement himself as a starting quarterback.

His weapons are well on their way to establishing themselves. Don't look now, but an undrafted wide receiver just broke 100 receiving yards for the Seahawks, leads the team's receivers, and in five weeks has gone from roster long-shot to security blanket in the slot. Brandon Stokley in miniature. I shudder to think what he could do with a real QB throwing to him, and to think what we would have missed out on had Seattle followed my advice and cut him last month.

I don't know what to make of our cornerback depth. Brandon Browner in particular is an enigma, a bigger, stronger Kelly Jennings who scatters small victories in between big plays and costly penalties. Nobody else is much better. But we've also seen great things in spurts. Would their job be easier with any real pass rush? QB's would have a lot less time to make perfectly placed passes and other lucky things happen. I feel the need to withhold judgment there.

So much to say about this team right now, so little time. I look forward to Kip Earlywine's piece later today.

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  1. And there it is...

    This game showed us both the good and bad of a young team building an identity. The potential big play right next to all those things that demonstrate how a team can shoot itself in the foot.

    Tenacity. This is what is standing out to me this week, and last. When 53 guys are bonding and there is an emotional connection which doesn't need be said, they go out and fight, make it happen.

    That is why this year is exciting.