Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick Shots at Halftime vs. MIN

* Tarvaris Jackson definitely improved from last week. Refusing to run compulsively, staying poised, mostly accurate except for two low throws. Good game plan to help him.

* Said game plan being largely forced by terrible O-line play. Carpenter and Unger getting worked. Caveats: facing very good defense blitzing heavily, a couple of free defenders were unblocked intentionally to release tight ends.

* Golden Tate will hear from Carroll over having ended two drives.

* Three false starts in first quarter? The ground at the VMAC will get worn down in a hurry from all the laps.

* Doug Baldwin surprisingly quick. Might get more looks on offense should Jackson ever have time.

* Leon Washington money in a bigger role, has a crucial gear that Justin Forsett lacks.

* Leroy Hill is a welcome jolt to this defense in terms of tackling and recognition.

* Little to no interior pass rush.

* Kam Chancellor taking charge of this defense and backing it up with solid play.

* Brandon Browner with a huge missed tackle, but otherwise okay.

* Red Bryant and Raheem Brock with hustle plays, but not forcing the issue.


  1. It is time to start Whitehurst. We need to know if it is the scrubs that are making him look good or if there has been real improvement in his pocket presence.

    The Whitehurst in the second half looked like a QB.

  2. It's time to cut Aaron "$60 million bust" Curry! I've had it with his disastrously bad play!