Friday, February 4, 2011

New Site Features

I've been tweaking the site every day since its creation (every other hour, really), and here are some of the additions:

Seahawks Player Tracker (top) - This page will soon be listing every player transaction the Seahawks perform. This could be a busy page, for as I wrote here, these next three weeks could be all Seattle has to modify its roster. Check back soon!

Search Field (right) - Will search through every site I've linked to. An excellent research tool, as I try to connect to respectable sites with good information floating around. Speaking of:

Updated Links (left) - 
  • forum - Some seriously deep and well-researched information gets thrown around in this respect-based community. One of the members contributed the terrific banner you now see on the front page. Drop by and enjoy some great folks!
  • Seahawks Draft Blog - Independent, tape-based draft opinions from the inimitable Rob Staton. Guy does his homework and has great insight into the minds of NFL teams.
  • NFL Draft Reports - Scouting reports by Kyle Rota and Vince Mulcahy. Rota is a precocious judge of NFL talent and Mulcahy an experienced vet. A must-bookmark for knowing your draft prospects.
  • Fieldgulls - Research, perspective, and discussion galore. If you want some independent opinions, devil's advocate John Morgan will supply.
  • Seahawk Addicts - Good, solid updates and commentary on Seahawks developments, and a long-standing community.
  • Hawk Blogger - Quality and substance in Seahawks opinions.
  • Dave Krieg's Strike Beard - This guy epitomizes the underdog movement that is Seahawks fandom. Check him out and feel less weird.
  • 12 The Hard Way - New blogger Candice Caldwell, a spirited gal who knows her Seahawks and knows her town. Stop by for interesting new angles on the 12th Man.

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SATURDAY MORNING: The Looking Back series returns with Part 4.

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