Friday, January 21, 2011

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My name is Brandon Adams. If you were to Google me, you would probably find either a child actor or a prominent poker player. Neither is me.

As a former Seattle resident, I am a rabid fan of the Seattle Seahawks. Although I live in Montana and have had the privilege of attending only five Seahawks games in person (and only two of those at Qwest Field), I am no less obsessed with following the 'Hawks and no less opinionated about their players, coaches, and organization. I enjoy debating and writing long-winded opinions on the 'Hawks when the fit seizes me - and I get a lot of fits, hence this blog.

With Pete Carroll's first season as head coach behind us, and with what might be Matt Hasselbeck's final season with the team in the books, a lot of questions are floating around concerning the team's future - and that of the NFL itself.

With a long lockout possible this year, I wanted to create a place for educated discussion for fans to enjoy over the offseason. It's sort of a survival bunker for the long offseason that might be longer than usual. I'd like to think I have a small amount of football knowledge and a little perspective to go with it, and I'm not afraid to post unpopular opinions, so it could be interesting - especially with others around to prove how wrong I am. (I do know some guys who are much better writers than me, who will hopefully be joining in as contributors.) I hope to build a community of you fellow fans here as well, to bring more information into the mix and help celebrate that chip-on-the-shoulder underdog movement that is the die-hard Seahawks fan.

And there is no shortage of interesting topics to bandy about from the 2010 season. From the importance of QB play, to how significant run defense really is, to what makes a "deserving" playoff team, 2010 posed them all and then some. Say what you want about our 2010 season, but it wasn't a boring one. And with Pete Carroll's penchant for competition and endless roster moves, we are fans of a team that can be exciting even in the offseason.

Check back often, tell your friends, and feel free to post with any thoughts, opinions, or accusations of heresy you might have. This is the place to be during the long wait for more Seahawks football.

And just for good measure, with reason neither given nor needed:


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